Friday, April 15, 2022

His New Girlfriend


Chad rested his head against the pillow while he watched his girlfriend crawl along the bed. Selina couldn’t believe how perfect and elegant she was in their escort’s body. After hiring Elizabeth to borrow her body, they went through the brothel’s swap machine and immediately got to work in one of the private rooms. They made sweet and passionate love for hours, a feat that Selina hadn’t experienced in so long. Their relationship had been crumbling apart, but after they got a membership at the Swap Brothel, the possibilities were endless. He loved the way she looked and moaned with Elizabeth’s sexy body, and Selina could sense just how turned on he was by the way he violated her borrowed folds.

When the time came to switch back, Selina was eager to sign up for another appointment. But, to her horror, something went horribly wrong as the lab technician initiated the swap. Rather than swap their bodies back, the machine began to beep loudly. Suddenly, a hissing sound came from Elizabeth’s pod as it opened up. The escort was still in Selina’s body. “It’s done,” the female technician said. “But you owe me, okay? It’s going to take forever to alter her mind to replace you. I could lose my job.”

“Thanks so much for this. I’ll repay you. Don’t worry.” Selina remained in Elizabeth’s busty body and tried to move. When she did, a warmth consumed her, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Elizabeth couldn’t believe that Chad was more interested in boning escorts. Selina had an unbelievably slim and flexible body. “She didn’t realize what she had.” While the couple used her own body to make love, Elizabeth became better acquainted to her new body. And everything about it purred with perfection. Her naturally round breasts looked better than her fake tits. She loved how tight she felt. And when she finally convinced her technician friend to help her escape her life of paid sex, Elizabeth knew that life was going to be much better.

It turned out that the only thing Selina and Chad needed was more variety. When Chad brought her back to their overly expensive condo, Elizabeth was also pleased to learn that Chad and Selina came from easy money. They lived off dividend income from their family fortune. Repaying her technician friend was going to be easy.

Chad had just had sex with her old body at the brothel, but when she came into the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel, she easily got him turned on again. Some dirty words and foreplay could turn on any man. Selina hated sucking his cock, but when Elizabeth grasped his healthy thickness, she used her years of experience to blow his mind.

Unfortunately for Selina, the Swap Brothel always needed workers to service their clients. It wasn’t going to be easy, but once they reprogrammed Selina, the poor girl would be servicing people for years to come.

“Better her than me,” she smirked proudly.

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