Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Inside A Sex Worker


At first, Megan was horrified by the fact that she was now in some Asian girl’s body. She spent nearly half an hour flying through the world as an astral projection. By using magic to release her soul, she was able to fly through the air while listening to nearby conversations.

Upon accidentally bumping into a young woman undressing, she felt her soul getting sucked in. The Asian girl’s body trembled as she fell to the floor. By the time Megan could move around, she had completely taken control of her.

But she had no idea who this was. With her hands still trembling on her bed, she looked across the room at the mirror by the dresser. Slowly but surely, a faint smile curled over her lips.

This Asian girl was an unbelievably beautiful woman. A familiar warmth emanated from between her legs, and Megan began to bite her lower lip when the door opened.

Standing at the doorway was a man wearing nothing but a towel. His light blue eyes locked onto her while he ran his fingers through his wet blonde hair. “Sorry, I just finished up. You accept hundreds, right?”

“...Right,” Megan whispered. She couldn’t believe it. She was in the body of an escort. Before she could say another word, the man dropped the towel to his feet. The sight of his hardening cock made Megan think twice about returning to her own body for now.

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