Monday, July 25, 2022

The Old Woman's Emerald - Part 2


Part 1

“Give it back,” Nedra cried. Her mouth was becoming dry. Her heart raced even faster when she saw her body kissing her cute caregiver. Gritting her dentures, Nedra tried to crawl forward, but she didn’t get far. She collapsed in the sand as Anna sat down in front of her with a wicked grin.

The body thief stroked Nedra’s new chin. “Such a shame,” she said teasingly. “I said not for long, but I didn’t think you’d over exert yourself like this. You have to be careful, dear. You don’t have much time left. Don’t let the stress kill you.”

“Give it back,” Nedra said again. She reached forward for the emerald in her young body’s hand, but Anna was faster. “Please ... I ... please.” Her eyes looked to the caregiver’s eyes. His eyes darted away. “Please ... you ... bla ... can... this!” Nedra didn’t know what was wrong. Her speech was starting to slur. It felt like the world was spinning too as her young body’s lips moved closer to her ear.

“There’s no way I’m giving it back,” Anna said. “With a body like this, I can do so much more. Especially when I have a lifetime worth of wealth. Don’t worry, dear, I’ll live life to the fullest.” She pulled away and gave Nedra another wicked grin. “I’ll be seeing you later. Come on, Justin.”

Anna planted a kiss against her caregiver’s lips and stuck her tongue out at Nedra. Before Nedra could call out to the body thief, she felt a group of concerned people surrounding her. They were all yelling to the nearby lifeguard as Nedra lost sight on the old woman who stole her life.

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