Monday, April 4, 2022

His Possessive Mother: Body Theft (F2F Body Possession)

Available on: Smashwords

A wealthy mother isn't happy with her son's new girlfriend. Travis and Sonya have been together for months, but Veronica doesn't think the relationship is in her son's best interests. To break them up, the mother uses a potion and magical tiara to possess Sonya's young body. Veronica plans on embarrassing the young girl by using her fertile body to have recorded sex with their loyal family butler, Daniel. With these new abilities at her disposal, the wealthy mother plans on enjoying the bodies of others to satisfy her naughty cravings with her butler. But soon, things spiral out of control, and a mother's desires become her undoing as the woman who gifted her this opportunity has other plans in mind. Zaria is an extremely old witch, and she's looking for more opportunities to extend her life.

His Possessive Mother is an erotic short story with a length of 13,000+ words. It has themes of body possession (female to female), age regression, body theft, and dark magic. This is a dark and twisted tale with sexual solo and couple scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

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