Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Girl Next Door

“Thanks, Sean,” Jessica said happily while sipping from the glass of freshly squeezed fruits and what she thought was protein powder. Suddenly, she started to stumble as her hand rubbed at her forehead. “What ... what’s going ... what’s going on?”

Sean simply watched as the young woman started to shiver. The sound of something fizzing came from her stomach, and a green gas shot out from her perfect lips. The lights flickered, and soon a yellow gas cloud emerged from the living room. The gas entered the young woman’s body, and a smile stretched across her pretty face.

Jessica’s body slowly lowered the glass onto the kitchen counter. She walked over to Sean and lightly kissed his lips. “Guess who?” She asked suggestively.

Sean smiled. “How long do we have?”

“One hour. We’d better hurry this up.”

He’d asked Jessica out on two different occasions. After drinking a cup mixed in with his girlfriend’s potion, Val was able to temporarily possess the young woman. Val knew that Jessica lived down the hallway, and ever since she’d moved in two months ago, the body thief knew that she just had to share her with her boyfriend.  A perfect body like this couldn’t go to waste.

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