Thursday, April 7, 2022

My Evil Nana


Lindsay posed for the mirror in her naughty red clothes, paying a lot of attention to her granddaughter’s perfectly rounded breasts. She’d explored the sensations with her leaking slit earlier, but she couldn’t help but notice the differences between her youth and Samantha’s youth. 

Even when she was younger, the old woman had never been shaped like this. Samantha was a big believer in eating healthily and exercising every day, and her beautiful body reflected that.

Every inch of her granddaughter’s body purred with an abundance of sexuality, and she could feel a warmth pulsating from between her legs when she realized that her boyfriend would be home soon.

With the help of a fortune teller, her foolish granddaughter had agreed to switch bodies with her for a day as an 89th birthday present. While Samantha remained in her retirement home, Lindsay could do whatever she pleased. 

When she heard a knock at her door, she eagerly stretched along the bed and spread apart her sexy legs. She had a day to relive her youth. But when her handsome boyfriend, Stanley, emerged from the doorway, Lindsay realized that she didn’t want to give her granddaughter’s body back.

This was Lindsay’s body now, and there was nothing Samantha could do to get it back.

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