Friday, April 8, 2022

Starting a New Family

Laura looked over her shoulder and giggled when she saw her brother’s cock brushing the side of her new ass. Mark planted kisses along her back and buried his face against the side of her neck while she moaned. They were alone in the house together with nobody to stop them. A warmth washed over her as she leaned back to let him cup their stepsister’s breasts.

Their 25-year-old college drop out stepsister, Melanie, knew about their forbidden relationship and supported it completely since they weren’t having children. But Laura wanted to have a family, and the only man she wanted was her brother.

So, Melanie suggested trading lives with the help of a Body Swap Clinic. Laura was hesitant at first, but the thought of having a chance at having a family with her brother finally motivated her to accept. Melanie also wanted to have Laura’s 19-year-old body so she could have a second shot at her academic career, so all of this was perfect.

The naughtiness of having her brother’s cock without any protection made her inner folds drip with anticipation. The moment he began to penetrate her new body from behind was the moment she realized that she’d made the right choice.


  1. The "new" Melanie felt her stepbrother's joystick push her pussy lips aside, filling her vagina with delicious, demanding meat. They both quickly found a common rhythm, and thanks to their self-control they managed to maintain the built-up tension for a very long time. Then the "new" Melanie decided it was time, and she caused her stepbrother to discharge, filling her vagina with his cum, an event that she experienced very consciously in a very intense sensual-erotic way. An overwhelming joy filled her, as this not only made the swap final, but also allowed her and her stepbrother to actually stay together and start a family.... . - Tom -

  2. And then she felt his delicious joystick putting aside her labia, filling her pussy with delicious, demanding meat. Soon they found a common rythm, and finaly the "new" Melanie forced her stepbrother to release his cum load inside her. She experienced the sensual-erotic reception inside her very consciously, and at the same moment she was overwhelmed with sincere joy. From this moment on she would be Melanie forever, and she and her stepbrother would stay together for the rest of their lives, becoming a very loving couple forever.... . - Tom -

  3. As a man, it seems to me simply delightful to become a real woman for good and definitive through a real-life TG Swap, whereby that swap is realized completely voluntarily by both participants, of their own free will and for the sake of the other wholeheartedly. And that in this way I will forever become a sweet, slightly plump, fertile, curvy, attractive Asian woman with long, dark hair, that seems downright bliss! - Tom -