Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The Broke and Homeless Escort


Bethany was a homeless woman who was given a magical stone that could change her life forever. The kind woman promised that she could escape her current life with it. Now, she couldn’t believe her luck. After following Stephanie around after seeing her driving around in a brand-new Mercedes, Bethany just had to know what she did for a living.

She followed the wealthy woman until she stopped at an extremely large mansion at the edge of town. In Bethany’s hands was a stone that could permanently seal herself in any body she wanted. The only downside was that it only worked once. Hiding in the nearby woods, Bethany rubbed the magical stone and astrally projected herself into Stephanie’s body.

She found herself in a luxurious washroom. Stepping out into a bedroom, her eyes widened with shock. Sitting on the bed was a fat, naked man eating from a bag of Doritos. He smiled at her and waved her over. “Are you already prepped up?” He asked.

Bethany’s heart sank. She’d just stolen the body of an escort. By the time she was done here, she was saddened to learn that everything was all fake. The Mercedes was leased, and Stephanie’s income relied solely on the three clients who kept hiring her.

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