Wednesday, April 27, 2022

His Best Friend's Girlfriend


Lucas stared into the mirror with a curious look. Holding up his silky hair, he stared at the firmness of his new breasts and the way Alicia’s underwear hugged his new body.

He meant to possess Jordan when they both agreed to swap bodies for a day. By using a witch’s spell book, they chanted the incantation, but Lucas didn’t realize that his lack of magical skill would have caused the spell to misfire.

Rather than enter Jordan’s body, he entered his girlfriend’s body. Upon finding himself inside of Alicia, a naughty smirk spread across his face. He slowly unclasped the girl’s bra and let it fall to his feet. Swaying his hips playfully in front of the mirror, he fell backwards into her bed. The area between his legs was throbbing, and he was very interested in feeling what his new body felt like.

Unfortunately, as his fingers slipped into his underwear, his body began to act on its own. He felt the wetness seeping through his inner folds as he moaned in Alicia’s voice. A pressure grew and grew until he was practically shivering.

“What the fuck? What happened?” His lips abruptly whispered. What Lucas didn’t know was that an orgasm made him permanently stuck in Alicia’s body. That wouldn’t have been a problem if it didn’t mean Alicia would be in complete control forever. After experiencing his first female orgasm, his mind became locked within her own. The wonderful sensations he had experienced would be his last as he was forced to view the world helplessly without feeling anything.

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