Monday, April 11, 2022

Leaving Her Husband


Ellen smirked when the girl’s husband chased after her. Her body felt fit and strong. “And then what? You’ll tell them that I stole her body? Think, Ashton.”

“I don’t understand. Why her? Why us?” He demanded to know. All Ellen could do was gush with joy. The handsome husband loved Rachel, but after hiring Ellen to spice up their love life in a threesome, the young witch knew she had to take advantage of the situation.

Sexual orgasms weakened the defenses of the human soul. Once Ellen and Rachel both came, the young witch used magic to permanently possess her. Ellen’s body remained empty while her own soul absorbed Rachel. All of her memories became hers as she got comfortable.

Her new body was perfect. Rachel had everything. She came from a wealthy family and shared a house with her deadbeat husband. Ashton was handsome but he was just along for the ride, and Ellen wasn’t as stupid as Rachel was.

The body thief dealt with dozens of people like Ashton, and the only solution was the cut them off. Ashton vainly chased after her trying to get her to leave his wife’s body, but once Ellen called the police for help, he knew that he couldn’t prove anything. The escort had stolen his wife’s beautiful body, and there was nothing he could do about it.

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