Friday, April 29, 2022

Taboo Bundle 1: 4 Body Swap and Possession Stories


Available exclusively on: Smashwords

This is the first of many taboo bundles with dark and erotic short stories that involve family members and other forbidden content. Body swaps and body possessions are rampant in these four previously released stories that are not suitable for younger audiences. The featured stories are My Niece's Revenge, His Possessive Mother, Inside My Sister, and Taking His Sister's Body. 

Story 1: My Niece's Revenge

When a lifelong bully becomes her stepbrother's girlfriend, Vanya decides to take matters into her own hands. She's had horrible memories of the woman, and she doesn't want her family to fall apart. Her Auntie Rachel is more than happy to help ruin the new girlfriend's life. By using a body possession spell, Vanya decides to physically and mentally control her lifelong enemy in order to do embarrassing things to the people around her. Unfortunately, by seeking out vengeance and ruining another person's life, Vanya opens herself up to far darker consequences. As she plays with the girlfriend's horny body, Vanya's own body becomes at risk when her Auntie Rachel decides to take it for herself.

Story 2: His Possessive Mother

A wealthy mother isn't happy with her son's new girlfriend. Travis and Sonya have been together for months, but Veronica doesn't think the relationship is in her son's best interests. To break them up, the mother uses a potion and magical tiara to possess Sonya's young body. Veronica plans on embarrassing the young girl by using her fertile body to have recorded sex with their loyal family butler, Daniel. With these new abilities at her disposal, the wealthy mother plans on enjoying the bodies of others to satisfy her naughty cravings with her butler. But soon, things spiral out of control, and a mother's desires become her undoing as the woman who gifted her this opportunity has other plans in mind. Zaria is an extremely old witch, and she's looking for more opportunities to extend her life.

Story 3: Inside My Sister

Evan, a jealous homeless man hooked on drugs, is jealous of his little sister's success. Angel's an academic genius studying at a private school. A bully at heart, she loves pushing other people around. One day, an old witch helps Evan by helping cure his drug dependency. However, instead of using magic to cure him of his addiction directly, he finds himself stuck in his sister's body. Now trapped in his sister's fit body, he struggles to return to his old body. But his horny sister's hormones start to make him change his mind. He soon realizes that pleasuring himself unlocks her memories, and the more he sees, the more he wants to become Angel forever.

Story 4: Taking His Sister's Body

A brother and sister are madly in love. After their forbidden relationship is discovered by an aunt, they go on the run and live as criminals after buying an astral projection necklace from a salesman. Using the necklace helps them identify easy targets through dark magic, and they end up making a small fortune doing this while masquerading as a married couple. Life for Janice is bittersweet as she pretends to be her brother's wife. Hopping from hotel to hotel, they live luxuriously and make sweet love without judgement. Deep down, she wants this to last forever, but she knows that their relationship has its limits. Unfortunately, overusing magic has consequences, and soon their intimacy takes a turn for the worse when the salesman's dark magic begins to interfere with their lives forever. The brother and sister are fit and young, making them perfect targets for what the evil salesman wants. Abusing magic has darkened their souls, leaving them open to magical predators that seek to have a second chance at living happily ever after.

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