Saturday, April 2, 2022

She's Hiding A Surprise


Jade couldn’t believe how perfect her breasts were. After agreeing to possess her boyfriend’s coworker, Celeste, she found herself on a beach by herself. There were a few people out in the distance, but it looked like she was alone.

Jade was a body hopper who had the ability to take over any body she wanted.  She frequently shared the bodies of other girls with her boyfriend, but she rarely had the opportunity to use her abilities for herself.

A strange throbbing sensation emanated from between her legs. She closed her eyes and reached down, only to realize that there was a penis. Her eyes jerked open as she looked down. At first, she was horrified, but as she watched the small cock cutely throb, she curiously wrapped her hand around its thickness.

She stroked it slowly and watched the tip glisten with her filth. She moaned quietly to herself, her hand stroking her cock. There were still people on the beach, but she didn’t care as a tense sensation began to build up at her cock’s base.

The thought of having her boyfriend worship her transgender body finally sent her over the edge. An intense pleasure rushed through the cock, and a cloudy gush of her seed spilled onto the sand beneath her bare feet, and she immediately knew that she was going to have a lot of fun inside of Celeste.

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