Saturday, April 16, 2022

My Cheating Boss


Jamie was getting ready for a wonderful night with Albert. He was her cute personal assistant who she’d hired a year ago. She began flirting with him over the past few months after her husband gave her permission to have an open relationship. To convince him, she was offering him a chance to move up the ladder if he could “make her feel like a woman again.”

After watching a movie together at a movie theater, she felt the passion stirring in her chest. It’d be so long since she’d been with another man like Albert. She felt so young as he pampered her shoulders and made her giggle like a teenage girl.

“What is that thing?” Jamie asked when she saw Albert holding out a red crystal for her. “Is that a ruby?”

Before she could get her answer, the crystal started glowing. He pressed the item against her hand. Before she could pull away, a warmth washed over her. Weird tingles ran up her arms and up her slender neck. She stared at him confusedly before backing away. Jamie opened her mouth to say something when something slid out of her mouth.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her soul flew into the crystal. Surrounded by horrified screams, she tried to break away, only to realize that her mind was starting to go blank.

The last thing she could see was her body smiling at Albert.

“You did such a good job,” Annette said after planting a kiss against the young man’s lips. “You even managed to get her to love you. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have worked.”

“Will this work, though? Will it help?”

Annette nodded. “After we make love, the possession will be permanent. I’ll do everything to get you my job. She knows the right people” She was a freshly fired executive who used to work for Jamie for years. At age 57 with nobody who would hire her for a decent amount of money, she felt trapped. She didn’t have a pension. She didn’t have a husband. She didn’t have a family.

But she had her friend, Albert. The young man regularly helped her out whenever she needed help with computer problems. She even kept in contact with him after she got fired. But he was ambitious - he wanted more than just an assistant’s salary. He wanted Jamie’s job. After allowing her soul to enter the crystal, all Albert had to do was make a close loved one touch its surface. It was a hard job, but she had a feeling that Albert’s cunning tongue and hot physique could conquer any woman. After flirting with the young assistant for so long, Jamie ultimately fell in love with him.

The last requirement was sex. As Annette undid her string, she looked into his eyes before he felt his hard boner pressing up against her crotch. She moaned loudly while he planted a kiss against her cleavage and conquered her stolen body.

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