Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Her Personal Trainer's Body


Kyra leaned forward and blankly stared at Eva’s slim face. She turned her face and observed the curves of her cheekbones and the way her lips curled over the personal trainer’s pretty face.

After agreeing to temporarily trade bodies using Eva’s custom machinery, Kyra was given permission to lounge around the rented condo for the next month while Eva worked out daily in her slightly heavier body. Since Kyra was a software engineer, all of her work was remote, so she could keep working without losing out on any income.

It was extremely awkward at first for Kyra. But after three days, she finally gained the courage to undress herself and have a shower for the first time in days. Her trainer’s slender body felt flexible and elegant as she dried her temporary body and slathered it in shea butter.

Pulling on Eva’s underwear and bra, she looked at herself in the mirror and finally decided to test her new body out. She walked over to the couch and brushed her hand against her throbbing nub. She let out a surprised moan, the sensitivity overwhelming her as her hand made love to her body.

By the time she was done, she was panting. “I need these personalized training schedules more often,” she cooed happily to herself.

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