Tuesday, April 12, 2022

My Husband's Girlfriend: Body Theft (F2F Body Swap)


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Maggie is a college girl who has been sleeping with a married man for months, and his transgender wife, Tatiana, happily accepts it. On their potentially final night, Joshua introduces the young woman to an extremely kinky sex dungeon with shackles and a mask. She thinks it's all just part of his fantasies until the mask's magic becomes triggered. The couple has been planning on using the cursed mask's magic for years, and Maggie ends up being the only person willing enough to keep their sensual relationship going. Unfortunately, sex and love are the two things required for the mask to work, and those are two things that Maggie and Tatiana both have for Joshua as he triggers the mask's dark magic. Before Maggie knows it, she finds herself slowly losing everything from her thirsty lust and desire for Tatiana's perfect husband.

My Husband's Girlfriend is an erotic short story with a length of 14,000+ words. It has themes of body swap (female to female), age regression, sex change, and dark magic. This is a dark and twisted tale with sexual solo and couple scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

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