Monday, April 18, 2022

His Coworker Part 1


“But I thought you said you loved me,” Sharon asked her boyfriend. Matt assured her that he did, but to spice things up, he really wanted to try his new app out. He was a software engineer working on the next VR breakthrough, but Sharon was hurt by what he was proposing.

Apparently, his coworker, Shannon, had the same exact phone app. They wanted to formally test it, and Matt was wanting to try it out between the two. “Nothing weird’s going to happen. It should swap you two back within a day.”

Sighing, Sharon agreed and opened the app. After confirming that she was willing to do this in a popup, the phone began glowing. Electricity surged up her body, and she let out a horrified scream as the world darkened around her. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a bedroom that she hardly recognized. When she looked at her body, her eyes widened with shock. Her large breasts and curvy body were gone. Now, she was a tanned Caucasian woman with smaller breasts and really skinny legs. Sharon got extremely dizzy as she looked at herself in a mirror. She was an unbelievably pretty girl with luscious blonde hair and dark green eyes. She couldn’t believe that the phone app had worked the way it was intended. “No fucking way,” she whispered in the woman’s voice. She forced a smile and leaned forward to observe the rest of her new body.

This wasn’t Shannon’s body. Somebody else had the phone app, and she had no idea who this was.

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