Saturday, July 9, 2022

Selling His Stepmom's Body - Part 2

“You look perfect,” Andrea heard her husband say before he planted a kiss against the side of her neck. She moaned softly and felt a wonderful wave of desire rippling through her curvy body. “Are you sure you want to go out this afternoon? We could stay behind.” He wrapped his arms around her slightly bulging tummy. “You shouldn’t be going out too often.”

“Don’t be silly, dear. We need groceries.” Her husband let out a groan, but she simply giggled. She loved how much more power she had over him now that he was tied around her fingertips. He loved her again, and she wasn’t about to let him take that power away from her.

After Richard sold his stepmother’s body to Andrea three months ago, she didn’t waste any time to make all the necessary adjustments. Caitlyn had an incredible body for her age. Andrea was the same age, yet she looked twenty years older. It didn’t even take long for her to get pregnant either - she was just as fertile as other young women. But when her friend hooked her up with a Body Merchant, she knew things were going to change. Caitlyn repeatedly screamed in her mind, though her voice finally faded at the end of the first week.

Andrea cut Caitlyn’s hair short and swapped out a lot of her clothes with her own. She had to get a lot of her clothes altered, but once that was done, Andrea felt so much more confident in her new body. From skimpy dresses to more revealing tops, Andrea’s new body oozed with sexuality.

The best part about it all was that her husband was interested in her again. The passion reawakened, and they found themselves lost in their lust for days at a time. Her husband loved her healthy MILF body, and Andrea was loving the extra attention she was getting whenever she was out in public.

The longer she had Caitlyn’s body, the more accustomed she got with using her name. The stepmother’s memories never seeped into her mind, but it wasn’t like Andrea needed to adopt the woman’s life. Andrea and her husband were wealthy and had tons of understanding friends, so it wasn’t like she had to worry about pretending to be Caitlyn. She didn’t need to adjust her life to accommodate the stepmother’s life. She could do anything she wanted with her new life, and she was really excited to be a real mother for the first time.

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