Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 2

It was more money than Sharon expected but once she had the spell book in front of her that very morning, she knew the money would be worth it. A faint chill ran down her neck when she could see the faint smirk on Daniella’s old lips. She was an old witch who secretly did magical favors for people. For this circumstance, she had to charge Sharon. But with the spell book turned to a specific page, the older woman raised a brow. “And does she know you’re trying to do this for her? Does she really want to become a new person?”

“I haven’t actually spoken to her about it,” she admitted. “But I know she wants to be her tutor. Would this spell work?” The old woman studied her eyes. “I’m only asking because that’s what she wants.” She looked down at her watch and realized that she only had twenty minutes left before Nicola would be at the house.

“You spoil her too much,” Daniella said with a cold voice. “But I’ll do as you wish. Read the incantation in front of your daughter, and her body will permanently melt down and become something that isn’t human. She’ll never return to her previous form. But, once you bring her to the person she most desires, her form will slip into their body to become her own. It may be a little painful to watch, especially since you might need to help her go down the throat of her future body, but if you really want to change her body, then this is the best way to do it. Any questions?”

Sharon shook her head and smiled as Danielle teleported away. With a racing heart, she went upstairs and knocked on her daughter’s door. Her mind was moving at a thousand miles per minute. Alexa answered the door and glared, but when she saw the smile on her mother’s face, she said the first word. “What the hell do you want?”

Sharon couldn’t contain her excitement. “I’ve got a really big surprise for you. Something that’s going to change your life forever.” Her daughter tilted her head, but she had a look of excitement in her eye. “It’s an actual surprise, though. I can’t tell it to you until Nicola’s here.”

Suddenly, the sound of the living room door closed. Sharon realized that Nicola was here earlier than expected as her smile widened even more. “Why is that?” Alexa asked when Sharon pulled out the spell book. “Look, if you’re going to be like this, you can bother me later. I was watching some stuff. I’m not in the mood to read shit. If you’re going to surprise me, then surprise me now.”

“Novus fieri,” Sharon said coolly while looking into her daughter’s eyes. “Renascetur et muta!” Alexa opened her mouth to say something when her eyes widened frightfully. She began to shiver as she fell to the ground. Her hands tore into the carpet while she let out a surprise howl of pain. Her skin became green, and within seconds, she had become a pile of slime that oozed in almost every direction.

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