Wednesday, January 11, 2023

The Witch's New Body - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

With Hank Carter at work, Olga tied her blonde, graying hair up in a bun and crossed her legs. “Zobacz wszystko,” she said in Polish. She activated her surveillance magic and smirked as she looked into her crystal ball. She’d set up surveillance orbs around their personal gym that her husband, Hank, couldn’t see. He claimed that he wasn’t interested in their new blonde and beautiful personal trainer, Lily. But Olga could see the quick glances he’d given to her the night before during their last session. Obviously, the personal trainer probably wasn’t interested, but Olga knew exactly what her husband liked.

Her current body was very similar to how Lily was in her youth. Maggie Olson had been a high school gym teacher who constantly rejected Hank. But Olga loved Hank, yet her bodybuilding husband-to-be wasn’t interested in her until she decided to permanently possess Maggie Olson’s natural body nearly 20 years ago. It was a simple mind transference spell she had used for the past 400 years, so taking her body was easy. Olga told him who she really was, but the chance to fuck Maggie was enough to seduce Hank forever. And while her current 42-year-old body still looked beautiful and still worked out regularly with her husband, the sex and passion was no longer there. She knew Hank wasn’t in the mood, even whenever she’d dress up in his favorite see-through lingerie. She’d been with men in the distant past, and the patterns were always the same. Men would inevitably stray from a faithful marriage.

Hopping to a new body and starting over wasn’t usually an issue. But Hank came from a family of billionaires and ran multiple companies. Olga was comfortable with the wealth she had. Wealthier families often had connections to other witches who could protect their bodies, so stealing a fortune was close to impossible. The only way Olga could get financial security was to seduce an already rich man, and she loved every bit of Hank. He was an ex-bodybuilder with a shredded body, and the way he treated her in bed made Olga desperate to keep him. But hopping from body to body could only be done so much too. A little bit of her would be left behind, so it was always important to make every life last as long as possible.

“But if I don’t do this soon, I might lose him.” Olga sighed when her phone began to vibrate. She giggled to herself when she saw that Lily had responded to her text message. Of course, the body thief didn’t have a cell phone, so Hank always relied on her to look after his own phone for him. “Yeah, I can do a last minute session. We can do light lifting before we do water aerobics in the backyard like we planned for next week. Everything okay?” Lily’s text message answered.

“Everything’s fine,” Olga wrote in her message. “I took the day off. Are you able to come by 5? I wanted to do the session before Maggie comes home.” When Lily accepted the session’s time, Olga began to calmly prepare the ritual. She spent the next hour getting everything she needed. She gathered flower petals and placed them around the four corners of their basement gym. She used white chalk to draw a circle into the concrete floor. Just as she cut her left palm to allow two drops of blood to land against the chalk, Lily opened the door.

The 20-year-old trainer was wearing her usual gym attire, but she had her skimpy swimsuit in her hands. “Oh, Mrs. Carter? H-Hey, I didn’t know you were home. Where’s Hank? We’re supposed to be having a session…” Lily said. 

But just as she stepped into the circle, Olga laughed. “Oh, he’ll be home soon. But he won’t be having any sessions with you. Especially not with that skimpy bathing suit.” Before Lily could ask for clarification, the older woman whispered an incantation. 

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