Monday, January 30, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 1

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Sharon was a loving mother, but she couldn't help feeling worried and frustrated about her adopted daughter, Alexa. Alexa had always been a bit of a handful, but her unhealthy lifestyle had led to weight gain and depression. The death of her adoptive father, Mark, and her new marriage with Luke had only made things worse.

Sharon felt even worse when the 18-year-old was kicked out of school. The girl was her little princess, and she only wanted the best for her. She knew something had to change, but she didn't know what to do. She thought she liked the new stepfather from all her staring, but she remained as distant as ever with the couple. That's when she and her new husband decided to hire a tutor. After all, it wasn’t like they were capable of teaching an entire school curriculum to their daughter.

Nicola, on the other hand, was more than equipped for this. She was a beautiful woman from Ukraine who specialized in helping struggling students. She was well versed in over twenty languages and had a solid reputation from the tutoring service they paid their money to. She quickly got to work with Alexa, helping her with her homework and guiding her through her studies. Over the next few weeks, it wasn't just Alexa's grades that improved, Nicola also helped Alexa to develop new habits, such as regular exercise and healthy eating. Sharon’s daughter remained the same physically, but there was definitely a change in her mood.

Sharon watched in amazement as Alexa's mood swings seemingly disappeared and her depression lifted. She was so grateful to Nicola for helping her daughter become a better person. But when Sharon tried to converse with her daughter, it was like all progress had disappeared. She eventually had to do some digging on her own, and she discovered Alexa’s journal underneath her bed while her daughter and tutor were shopping for clothes. She discovered a lot of dark secrets that she wished she hadn’t seen.

Sharon read how her daughter felt overweight, ugly, and alone. Even with Nicola’s help, she felt like she was constantly being compared to other people. Nicola represented what Alexa wasn’t, and that hurt Sharon. The mother wanted to give everything to her baby. After all, that’s what Mark would’ve wanted. “I wish I was her,” Alexa frequently wrote. “She has everything. A toned body, luscious hair, and a beautiful smile. I’m everything she isn’t. And I’ve seen my stepdad take quick peeks at her. Guys look at her differently than other girls.” And that’s when Sharon got a bright idea. She hurried to her phone book and made a call to a long time family friend. As the owner of multiple businesses, Sharon knew all sorts of people, and she knew exactly who to call.

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