Sunday, January 8, 2023

Becoming a student for a day ... or more

“I can’t believe I’m her right now,” Allen whispered while he ran his slender fingers along his slightly toned arms. His fingers crawled along his arms and shoulders before landing on his firm breasts. He lightly squeezed them - he felt safe doing so at the back of the lecture hall where nobody could watch him explore himself. But he couldn’t go too far - he didn’t know the power of the necklace. He’d gone into the body of his young 22-year-old student, and now he was surrounded by dozens of students attending Jon Wolffe’s business statistics class, so it wasn’t like he could openly start playing with himself.

Not yet.

Allen was a 53-year-old math professor who believed in numbers instead of magic. But when his cousin lent him a magical golden necklace that could help him explore the world without having to book a flight, he decided to test it out for fun. Without planning ahead, Allen slipped the necklace over his head while he sat in his office at school. As soon as he did, he felt a tingling sensation wash over him. It was like a wave of electricity, coursing through his veins and filling him with energy as his mind shot through space and time. But just before he could go to his original destination, Hawaii, he accidentally flew through another classroom.

Suddenly, Allen found himself sitting in a lecture hall in a body he didn’t recognize. But when he pulled out the girl’s phone to look at his reflection, he realized he was in Nora Sylvia’s body. She was an athletic and smart woman who was one of Allen’s star pupils. She was a business student, but she loved taking on math electives. And the longer he remained in her body, the stranger things felt.

A strange heat emanated from between his legs as he watched Jon Wolffe. He’d seen him at tons of staff parties, but he never thought the man was attractive. But with Nora Sylvia’s eyes, he could see the subtle muscle tone beneath his tight dress shirt and the bulge in his pants. Allen couldn't help but enjoy the look of him as he adjusted the woman’s bra and bit his lower lip.

“Okay, this is weird,” he whispered while he tried to control himself. At first, Allen was a little bit nervous about being in Nora's body. He wasn't sure how long he would be able to stay, or what would happen when he returned to his own body. But as he listened to the lecture and fantasized about doing naughty things with Jon Wolffe in his new body, Allen had the sudden urge to explore himself further once he could find a way out of the lecture.

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