Saturday, February 4, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 6

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Alexa moaned blissfully while the waves of pleasure coursed over her. Orgasms were surprisingly stronger in this body. With Nicola's soul completely absorbed by her, Alexa was starting to see flickers of her life. She knew that she came from a massive family with a long history of learning math and sciences, but she didn’t realize how detailed her life had been before coming over. She had immigrated to America back in 2018, yet her English had been perfected so well over the past 5 years. Every man she'd been with flashed before her very eyes, and Nicola's sexual experiences sent her horny mind into overdrive.

She was completely naked in her own bed enjoying how her toned body felt beneath her fingertips. The smell of her old body's rose scented perfume lingered in the air while her soft fingers circled her throbbing clit. Her toes curled the moment the pleasure began to build up again. Her tummy arched upwards, and she let out a long moan that made her body jerk from side to side. It felt like an eternity until it finally peaked once more. This time, however, there wasn't any pain or discomfort as she orgasmed for what seemed like hours on end.

Suddenly, an erotic thought ran through her mind. As the orgasm died down, another memory or desire popped into her head. She didn't realize it until now, but Nicola had a massive crush on her stepdad. The only thing on her mind was Luke. It was the weirdest thing, especially since she resented him in a way for replacing her adoptive father. Mark had been the one who helped raise her, and after his untimely death, she found herself resenting both of her parents. But now that she had Nicola's body, she was starting to see things differently.

She knew that Luke was attractive to her since that’s how she felt in her old body, but Nicola’s attraction to him made things worse. It was like she was twice as attracted to him. Biting her lower lip, she slipped a finger inside her dripping canal. It was such a naughty thought, but she sexually craved him while she fantasized about him. He was tall, muscular, and he always smelled amazing. His dark brown hair framed his chiseled face perfectly, and those piercing blue eyes gave off a sense of mystery. There was something special about him, even if she couldn't put her finger on it.

Her hand moved faster and harder against her pussy lips, causing her to gasp loudly when she came all over again. "Oh my god," she whispered breathlessly. She could feel every inch of her body pulsating at the same time, making her cum several times in rapid succession. Her legs shook uncontrollably, and she collapsed into the sheets. Despite feeling out of breath and completely drained, her body wanted more. She rubbed her folds into her bed and clutched the damp sheets beneath her. “Ohh Luke…”

The entire night of exploration left her begging for more. She could hardly rest, but her mother made sure that she had all the privacy she needed to become comfortable in her own body. The very next morning, as soon as Alexa woke up, she found herself exploring herself even more. She realized how beautiful her natural breasts were and how toned every muscle was. She knew Nicola was athletic, but Alexa didn't realize that she worked out every muscle group.

When she fully got dressed in her tutor's old clothes, she decided to ask her adoptive mother a very serious question. And the response Alexa got from Sharon surprised her, especially when the new Nicola saw a strange sparkle in the older woman’s eyes.

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