Tuesday, January 24, 2023

My boyfriend's grandmother

Tina had been dreading this day for a while; she was attending the funeral of her boyfriend Kevin's grandmother, Samantha. She had been a beloved matriarch of the family for over 70 years, and her passing had left a hole in their lives.

Tina was in the restroom of the local church, preparing for the funeral while her boyfriend spoke with family members, when she randomly heard a whisper. Startled, she looked around the room, but no one was there. Then, Tina noticed that her ring was glowing, and she felt a chill in the air.

Confused, Tina looked into the mirror, and to her amazement, she saw Samantha's ghost in the reflection. The young woman let out a horrified shriek before her throat seemingly closed up. She couldn't speak, and when she heard a laugh echoing in her head, she felt her face beginning to twitch. The ghost entered her, and a loud scream echoed in her mind.

Tina quickly realized that she was being controlled by the dead grandmother's ghost. She felt like she was a puppet with no control over her own body. "Thank god he gave you this ring," her lips laughed. "It was supposed to go to my daughter, but I told my grandson that this ring would be perfect for you. You decided to come into the family at the perfect time - definitely the prettiest out of all the girls Kevin's dated." The body thief crossed her arms to push up her firm breasts. "Geez, are these real? They feel real. You have so much going on for you, Tina. I'm sorry that you're not going to be able to enjoy things from here on out. Thank you for the second chance at life, hun."

"Get out of me," Tina hissed. Her movements became jerky and robotic as she left the restroom and entered the chapel. She helplessly yelled, but the dead grandmother simply hummed to drown her out. As the funeral service began, Tina heard her own voice reciting prayers, singing songs, and delivering eulogies. She felt powerless, like an outsider looking in on her own body. The scariest part was that Kevin didn't seem to notice that his girlfriend was quieter than her usually bubbly self. Unfortunately, that was going to be the least of Tina's problems. Samantha didn't want to move on, and having control of her sexy body was the perfect way to start her second life.

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