Monday, January 23, 2023

Desperate for anything - Part 2

Emma’s screams faded while the older woman solidified her control. She could feel the young woman’s soul intertwining with her own, and as time went by, she could see flickers of her memories. She could see every boy she’d dated, every cock she’d sucked, and every success that came her way. The sheer sight of Emma’s memories were making her wild with desire while she shuddered and moaned.

The body thief could feel her soul completely slipping into Emma’s body like a hand being placed in a glove. She expanded herself in her new body, filling every nook and cranny until she had fully slipped inside. As a ghost, she couldn’t do anything until somebody grabbed something that had touched the jewelry box. Now that Emma had placed jewelry in her pockets, Eileen could enter her body without any resistance unless the young girl threw the jewelry aside. Unfortunately, Emma had failed to realize this, and now her body belonged to somebody else.

Eileen looked down at her pretty fingernails and snickered at how soft her hands felt. She ran her hands down her slim body and looked at the stranger across the room. A throbbing warmth emanated from between her legs, and she realized that the sudden change in her hormones were getting the best of her. She let out a soft moan and rubbed the sides of her warm neck. “Allen?”

The man’s face smiled while he moved up to her. He hesitantly leaned forward, and Eileen pushed her new body up against his wide chest. “You really got a good one. I think this one’s better than your old body.”

“You’ve got an upgrade too,” Eileen cooed. Allen’s new body was taller than his old one. Eileen planted a long, deep kiss against her husband’s new lips and moaned into him. “God, I can’t wait to use these. Do you like them?” He playfully squeezed her new tits and grinned mischievously at him. “I want it here. I want you to defile me where our pact began.”

It was in this very attic where Eileen and Allen had made a deal with a demon. They gained the ability to leave their souls bound to a magical jewelry box whenever they died. For the past three generations, they both hopped from body to body. They would’ve possessed their grandson Jake if it weren’t for his desire not to have children. His mother and father were too old to reproduce, so they cut a deal with him. If he could bring them the bodies of a healthy and attractive couple, they wouldn’t haunt Jake and his family for the rest of their lives.

And as Allen pinned Eileen’s body against their favorite dresser, she could feel his hard thickness through their jeans. He planted passionate kisses against the front of her neck, and when they began to undress and make love, the older woman knew that her grandson had picked the perfect couple for their new lives.

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  1. BRRRR! powerful horror story, well written great pics younsters