Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Running away with her body

“You’re not turned off by that?” Joe asked timidly.

Louis shook his head. “No - you’re not a guy now, right?”

“Of course not.”

Louis gave him a kiss. “Then no, I’m not turned off by that. I mean … it explains why you know how to drive me wild in bed. You know exactly what a guy wants.”

Smiling, Joe lounged on the beach, enjoying the warm sun on his skin. He had finally adjusted to his new life as a woman, and he was happy to be spending the day with his new boyfriend.

It had been a long journey for Joe, who had once been a conman living from heist to heist. But after screwing with the wrong people, he decided to have a surgeon place his brain in a female body. It was the least obvious body to place himself in, especially since most people knew how much he hated women. Getting the body had been a problem, but Joe managed to sedate his Asian personal assistant long enough to transfer his brain into her body.

Georgianna was an unbelievably attractive assistant who was willing to do anything for him. She knew that he was a criminal, but she did everything like a loyal employee would. But she couldn’t have predicted how far Joe would go to save his own hide. The transfer was quick, and her brain was disposed of while Joe escaped to South America in her sexy body.

It had been a difficult transition, and he had struggled to adjust to his new life. But with the help of Louis, a sexy Mexican massage therapist, Joe had finally found his footing. Louis helped him explore his flesh and helped him embrace his new identity. He had become comfortable in his own skin. The fact that he could have endless orgasms left him playing with himself for hours. 

The monthly period was annoying, but that stopped when Joe found out that he was pregnant. Thankfully, as he watched the waves crash against the shore, Joe knew that he was lucky. He was happy and content after retiring with his millions, and he couldn't wait to see what the future held for him with their future child.

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