Saturday, January 28, 2023

Destroying my transformation stone

“Hold on, you should probably think this is over,” Eden said while she grabbed Stefan’s wrist. “You know that the stone’s the only way to change you back. I know you’ve probably had your fun, but this is going too far.”

Stefan smiled at her. She’d supported him all the way up until now. She helped him learn how to use makeup, do his hair, and wear the right clothes. With his slender body, he could literally wear anything from Eden’s closet and look a thousand times better. “Are you jealous?”

“It’s not jealousy,” she insisted. “You’re just throwing away the chance to change back. Like I said, things are fun now, but what about the long-term effects? You don’t even know what your new body’s doing to you. I’ve already seen personality changes, Stefan.”

That much was true. He’d gone from a completely moral and friend zoned man to a gorgeous woman who craved cock. He looked down at the purple stone that had transformed him into the gorgeous woman he currently was and smirked. The thought of losing the ability to transform his body left a bittersweet taste in his mouth, especially since had always been fascinated by the idea of being somebody different. He was never comfortable in his own skin. When he stumbled upon the mysterious stone in an antique shop, he couldn't resist buying and trying it out when the salesperson mentioned that it could make his dreams come true. Upon holding it, he felt a strange energy flow through him and suddenly, his gender switched.

At first, Stefan was shocked and confused, especially after his physical body morphed and shifted. But as he explored his new body and the world around him, he began to realize the many advantages of being a woman. He loved the way he looked, the way people treated him differently, and the many opportunities that came with being a woman.

Stefan enjoyed the attention he received from men and the way he could express himself through fashion. He found that make-up was a fun way to enhance his features and loved how it changed the way he looked. He also relished the way he could use his charm and beauty to get what he wanted. He felt that as a woman, he had more fun and freedom than he ever had as a man. He loved the feeling of being in control and having the ability to express himself in a new way. But after learning he was pregnant with a stranger’s child, he was afraid of transforming back to his male body. He didn’t want to risk it, especially since he felt a sense of responsibility to his unborn child. Eden understood the dilemma and sighed when the gears began turning in his head. The stone would revert him back to his previous body minutes after losing possession over the stone. The stone had to be in his pocket wherever he went.

He stared at the flickering flames in front of them. Eden squeezed his shoulder and gave him a slight nudge, but as he stroked his flat tummy, he made his mind up. He decided to throw the stone into the fireplace, much to Eden’s dismay. The stone shattered into pieces, and a warm light filled the room while Stefan felt a tingling sensation throughout his body. And when the light faded, he knew that he had succeeded after realizing that he was going to be able to stay this way forever.

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