Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Witch's New Body - Part 2

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When Lily read the text message from Hank, she couldn’t help but get excited. The thought of actually having him alone for once made her feel comfortable about accepting his advances. She could see him thirsting for her, but she never worked up the courage to actually act on her emotions. Besides his hot physique, he was one of the richest people she knew. But with Maggie out and about, Lily decided to have a little fun. She took her hottest swimsuit and worked extra hard on her makeup and hair. She didn’t leave home until after she felt ready to seduce him.

But something horrible was going to happen. “Zamrażać,” Hank’s wife had whispered. Lily felt her bikini fall to the floor as she helplessly stood in place. She frowned and tried to move, but it felt like something was holding her wrists and ankles. “That spell should keep you still for the next part, pretty one. I can’t have you running out of the circle now.” The wife walked up to Lily’s paralyzed body and smirked. “I can see why he likes you so much. The chiseled abs, the toned arms, and those perfect tits. You’re basically a better version of a younger me. Well … another Maggie. But looks like it’s time to take your body and make it my own.”

“This can’t be happening right now” Lily struggled to say when the wife stepped back. There was a horribly evil look to the married woman. The young woman’s voice became a shout. “Maggie, you’re starting to scare me. Don’t do this - somebody! Anybody? Hank! HANK!”

“Uwolnienie!” Hank’s wife yelled, and before Lily could scream for more help, the older woman fell to her hands and knees. A black goo shot out of Maggie’s lips and landed beside her body as it fell onto her back. A short, three foot nine humanoid shadow had emerged. Hunched over with yellow glowing eyes, the shadow inched its way closer and closer to Lily’s toned legs. Its arms wrapped around her calves and thighs, and Lily could feel a cold and wet sensation sliding up against her skin.  She let out one final scream before the shadow slid into her lips. She would’ve pulled it out if she could. She could feel its darkness filling her throat and making her gag. She winced and felt her insides stretching as she heard a faint laugh. “My, it’s quite a tight fit,” the shadow said in an old croaky voice. “Your sexy body’s quite healthy. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much trouble with Maggie when I stole her body.” 

Lily tried to focus all strength into her fists and feet. Just as she could feel her arms and legs becoming unfrozen, a wave of heat shot through her while her body let out a moan. She felt something moving up the roof of her mouth and pushing up into her head. The pressure made the world pitch black while she felt her muscles spasming. It took minutes of complete silence before Lily could see through her eyes again, and to her surprise, she was standing in front of the mirror in a bikini skimpier than her own. Her body was smiling back at her as her hands lightly squeezed her breasts. The body thief playfully swayed her firm ass and jumped to watch her healthy blonde hair bounce. “She’s controlling me somehow. I need … I need to regain control. Maggie, please don’t do this.

“Oh, shut up. I can hear you crying in there - there’s no way I’m giving you back control. Not until I decide to leave … assuming my soul doesn’t absorb you before then. But I doubt I’ll be going any time soon. If I try to hop again, my soul just might shatter. Can’t have that happen. There’s a limit to body thievery.” The body thief laughed as she grabbed a handful of her bum. “God, this thing’s perfect. And my husband’s definitely going to love my old swimsuit on me. It’s a lot better than yours … and you know what? I’m pretty sure this body’s going to last me a long time. A perfect ass, firm tits, and…” She kissed the mirror. “This perfect face. I can’t wait to see how long he lasts in my mouth. Will it fit? Will he finish too quickly? Too many possibilities, so sit back and enjoy the ride, dear. Once he fucks me, I’m going to be here for a LONG time, and you’ll be silenced forever.”

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