Sunday, January 29, 2023

Trapped in my bimbo body

“They don’t have the parts,” Selina insisted while she watched her husband glare at the screws. “I think you have to custom order it. Those were a weird size.”

“We can make them work,” Stan insisted. “Shut up and help me look.”

“I’ve looked at least three times, babe! Let’s go. We can ask the guys at the firm for help.”

“I am NOT asking them for help,” Stan hissed. “Do you not realize how embarrassing this looks?” He waved his hands around at breasts. “I’m going to get ripped on. Look, go to another aisle and ask somebody who works here. I’m going to keep looking here.”

Selina sighed and left to go to another aisle. Stan was an amateur handyman and career scientist who had a passion for building and fixing things. One of his most prized possessions was his body transformation machine, a device he had built himself that allowed him to change his physical appearance at will. He frequently used it to turn into women to make custom videos with Selina. Selina was an amateur custom porn producer who frequently performed on live cams. Sadly, one day, the machine overheated and exploded.

Stan was frantic, as the longer he remained in his transformed body, the harder it would be for him to change back into a man. He knew he had to fix the machine as soon as possible, so he set out to gather the necessary materials.

So, Selina went to the hardware store with him and started looking through the shelves of screws and other materials, searching for the specific sizes he needed. However, the longer they looked, the more they realized that the store didn't have anything in the sizes they required. He felt a sinking feeling in his stomach, realizing that he would be trapped in his feminized body and would have to get used to it.

Unfortunately, they would never be able to fix the machine in time. It wasn’t just Stan’s body that was changing. His brain slowly altered over time, and by the end of the third week in his feminized body, he had already lost every hint of masculinity. Selina and Stan would continue to do amateur porn videos together, but the bimbofication of her husband became more apparent day by day. Eventually, the only thing Stan could think about was having day-long sex sessions with himself or his wife.

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