Friday, January 27, 2023

Accepting my fate with her help

“I love how perfect this looks on you,” Tara said excitedly while they sat down. Nathaniel stretched out on the beach towel, relishing in the warmth of the sun on his skin while Tara kissed his lips. “I forgot to ask - is the pain gone?”

Nathaniel nodded. “Yeah, and the sun’s helping too. It’s awesome how there aren’t that many people here. I’m still not used to all the staring.”

Tara giggled and cuddled beside him. “Yeah, but I don’t blame them. I can’t stop staring either.” Smiling back at her, Nathaniel sighed and closed his eyes. He felt at peace for once. He had always enjoyed the beach, but now that he was living in a woman's body, the experience was even more enjoyable. He couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude towards Tara. He was at the weakest in his life, having been a powerful magic user who could do anything he wanted.

After the magic accident that had trapped his mind in the body of Cynthia Black, a pedestrian who happened to be walking by when he tried to use magic to teleport him back home, Tara had been his rock of support. She was his neighbor who had helped him navigate the challenges of living in a new body, from dealing with the physical changes to figuring out how to dress and style his hair. And now, she was here with him, enjoying the sun and the sand together as his girlfriend.

Nathaniel had been devastated when he first realized that he was stuck in Cynthia's body, but Tara had helped him to see the silver lining and taught him how to enjoy himself sexually. He didn’t realize how much better it was to be a woman. Nathaniel had been the one who dominated most women, and now that he was Cynthia Black, he caught himself wanting to be on the receiving end. And Tara was more than happy to explore his body with him. After all, she was the one who had told him that he was lucky to have a second chance at life and that he should make the most of it. And so, he had tried to do just that.

He had started going by Cynthia’s name and had enrolled in a local college studying fashion design while Tara helped keep a roof over their heads with her marketing manager job. He had always been interested in fashion and now that he was living as a woman, he was able to fully explore that passion.

As he lay on the beach, Nathaniel couldn't help but feel a sense of contentment. He was grateful for Tara's love and support and for the opportunity to live his life in a new way. He knew that there would be challenges ahead, but for now, he was just happy to be here, enjoying the sun and the sand with Tara by his side.