Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Becoming her boyfriend - Part 2

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Lisa noticed a slight shift in Andrue’s personality over the past week. They were going out a lot more often, which was a welcoming change considering how her boyfriend hated going out in public. He seemed so much more adventurous too, and it got to the point where Lisa felt bad for not inviting Sammy with them. Her best friend was always the person who convinced them to go out to do something. Lisa knew that her friend wasn’t best friends with her boyfriend, yet the thought of her missing out left her feeling a little sad. But when she got a text message from Sammy saying that she was going to be away for the summer, Lisa felt even worse.

But Andrue seemingly noticed right away. So, he cheered her up with extremely flirty whispers. It was the strangest feeling, especially since he was starting to make sex jokes like Sammy would. Lisa felt like something was a little bit off, so she just brushed it all off and laughed at whatever he said. The more she watched him, the more turned on she became at what she could do with him if he was serious. It didn’t help that he was showing off more skin than he usually did. Just the other day, he was comfortably walking around public without a shirt on. It made her feel a little embarrassed but excited to see him with such a confident aura. She debated on whether or not she should ask if everything was alright, but just before she could do so, one fateful morning changed things forever.

Andrue was in the shower getting ready for his morning philosophy class, and he'd left the door open. They were home alone together, so she decided to close the door for him out of respect when the sight of his naked body caught her eye. Surrounded by steam and the sound of pouring water, she stared at his perfect arms and chest while he scrubbed with her loofa. 

It felt wrong, especially since she was a Christian who didn't believe in sex before marriage, but just staring at him was turning her on. When he looked up from washing himself, he smiled awkwardly at her. It was her first actual time seeing him vulnerable like this, and the longer she stared, the more drawn in she became. “Oh, sorry, babe. I’m almost done.”

“Take your time,” Lisa teased with her cheeks reddening. Andrue was about to say something else when she timidly stepped into the bathroom, closed the door, and began to undress in front of him. They were home alone together with nothing to stop them. All she had on was an old pair of jeans that barely covered her ass, so she took those off as well. Then Lisa slowly unbuttoned her blouse until it fell down onto the floor. 

Now completely naked, she stood there waiting for Andrue's reaction. His eyes widened slightly upon seeing her nude figure standing in front of him. But the sight of his rock hard cock was more than enough to let Lisa know how he felt. She joined her boyfriend in the shower, got onto her knees, and swallowed his thickness. That fateful morning was the first time they'd been together like this, and she had a wonderful feeling that this wasn't going to be the last intimate moment as Andrue groaned.


  1. Great Story. Wonder how SAMMY is doing :)

  2. I like how you're developing this one. The fact that Lisa has figured out that something is different about Andrue, but kinda likes the new Andrue better . . . and then how she ends up betraying her beliefs to have sex with him . . . Wow, really well done.