Monday, February 6, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 8

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Daniella’s life had been so blessed, especially after Sharon inadvertently darkened her soul from misusing magic. Using magic required soul energy, and using it for evil means darkened a soul and weakened its natural protection against body transfer magic. Smiling, Daniella caressed the side of the stairway railing as she watched another person whose life was changed because of Sharon’s twisted mind. 

Alexa planted a kiss against Luke’s lips before they quickly looked back at her. They were just about to walk through the front door while she gave them a reassuring nod. They were leaving to go out on another date, and just before they slipped out the door, the old witch could see Alexa reaching out to hold his hand. Sharon was still legally married to Luke, but Daniella was more than willing to share him with Alexa if it meant keeping them out of her way.

They thought their love was authorized by Sharon. Neither of them knew that Daniella had possessed Sharon’s body while Alexa explored her body all those weeks ago. Alexa didn’t even catch on that Sharon had been so willing to share Luke with her. “And they’ll never know,” the evil witch whispered while she walked into her bedroom. She quickly unlocked her personal box and pulled out her spell book where she could still sense Sharon’s soul in its tattered pages.

She’d been absorbing the woman little by little after she performed dark magic on the adoptive mother, and now that her soul energy was becoming dim, Daniella knew that her entire soul would soon merge with her own. A few more weeks and she would no longer have to devour Sharon’s existence.

Daniella caressed the book and laughed. She felt the warmth flooding into her fingertips while her memories seeped into her mind. She could also feel Sharon’s stolen body naturally becoming younger as she used some of her energy to rejuvenate her skin. She could almost feel Sharon’s distaste towards all of this. “Oh, don’t worry, Sharon - your husband won’t be alone. After all, YOU let her take him from you.” 

After permanently possessing Nicola, Alexa had become Luke's new and official girlfriend, and everything about her life only got better. Alexa had become much more social and polite now that her life had changed. She repeatedly thanked Daniella thinking she was Sharon, and the old witch simply hugged her and reassured her that she would be willing to do anything for her.

Daniella loved how much more confident and outgoing the new Alexa was. She also loved the fact that she didn’t have to spoil the girl like her mother did. Alexa’s once antisocial demeanor had been replaced by a newfound self-assurance that radiated from her healthier and fitter body. Gone were the days when Alexa was self-conscious and overly negative. She now held her head high and walked with a newfound sense of pride. Of course, she had to get used to the idea of being called Nicola, but she was free to make adjustments to her life. She quit Nicola’s job and spent most of her free time at home with her new partner.

Alexa was now a new woman, with a new figure and a new life. Daniella was happy to have been there to witness and push for the transformation. It was clear that Alexa was happy and fulfilled, and Daniella was thrilled for her new daughter as she locked the spell book away.

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