Monday, January 2, 2023

Becoming a girly homewrecker

Jordan couldn't believe how good it felt to have a tongue slithering in and out of his slit. Every orgasm left his mind feeling blank with lust while his slender legs squeezed Yuri's head. He looked at the Russian man with fire in his eyes, and the thought of making love for the entire weekend before Yuri's wife came home made Jordan wonder if they were going to be able to keep their illicit love a secret. Nancy was an absolute bitch, and she was crazy enough to scare Yuri on most days.

"The last time was the closest we've been caught," Jordan insisted. "You know we need to plan this better, right?"

Yuri kissed his friend's lips. "It'll be fine. This is what makes things so fun."

Jordan kept quiet. The original reason for becoming a woman was to help Yuri have a child. His wife was barren, so being his best friend, Jordan decided to get a few things altered. He only wanted to have his reproductive system swapped temporarily, but the medication ended up changing his entire body. His cock wasn't the only thing that transformed. Within hours, his muscles shrank, and his body fat literally melted away. But that wasn't all. His hips widened and his skin became softer. It also caused him to grow breasts—not as large or firm as those of an American girl, but enough for Yuri, who loved watching them bounce when he ran. His short blonde hair became long and soft, and his face became slimmer.

His physical transformation baffled the doctors who helped him. Yuri was most impressed - Jordan's beautiful body was a bonus. But when the doctors mentioned that Jordan's body had changed so much that he was immune to gender reversal pills, he wasn't angry. And neither was Yuri. Instead, their one time intercourse session to impregnate Jordan became a full-blown affair. And as the two made love in the same bed Yuri shared with his wife, Jordan just knew that it was true love. He was going to have his best friend's child, and he wasn't going to share him with his wife.

Jordan was going to keep Yuri all to himself. And as he felt the Russian man's cock throbbing between his legs, the transformed man knew that it was going to be easy to convince Yuri to get a divorce.

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