Friday, January 20, 2023

You can't do this

“Yeah, sorry, no,” Georgianna’s lips mouthed while she giggled at the mirror. “I’m not leaving. I’m not giving any of this up.” Her hand ran along the curves of her firm breasts. “I can’t believe you were ungrateful for what you had. You’ve always been so perfect, dear. Everybody said so. I’m just so sorry it had to be you. But your body’s the only one that’s been near me for a long time. I can’t steal another person’s body.” Her body leaned forward and playfully made a kissing sound. “You were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sorry, dear. You’re going to have to watch me enjoy your life.”

Georgianna couldn’t believe what was happening. Everything had worked so well since her stepmother opened up to her about her secret. She felt so much closer to Janice since her father died, especially since she’d opened up about how she had always struggled with her self-esteem and her appearance. She felt like she could never measure up to the other women she saw around her. Her stepmother, Janice, had used a magical mask to attract men in the past. 

Ever since Janice settled down with her dead father, Georgianna had never seen her use it, but she knew that she was an experienced member of the occult. Her father was an author who loved the concept of magic, though he knew that magic was frowned upon. Witches were put to death for a reason, so to protect her stepmother, Georgianna never spoke about her unique abilities to anybody.

So, upon gifting her stepdaughter the magical mask to help with her self-esteem, Georgianna started using the mask on a daily basis to transform her body into any person. “It’s like makeup,” her stepmother had promised. “That’s all it is.” But it was much more than that. Georgianna was bustier, curvier, and sexier. With her transformed body, she began going out to bars and clubs to date random men and to get attention.

Georgianna loved the way she looked and the way people treated her. But as the weeks went by, her friends were noticing that her personality was changing. She was apparently becoming bitchy and negative. Georgianna looked down at the golden mask and considered leaving it behind to go out without it when she felt her body beginning to tremble. “What the hell?” She had whispered until something took control of her body. Now, Georgianna was horrified to realize that it was her stepmother controlling her. Janice had been waiting for Georgianna to use the mask too much so that she could take control of her young and beautiful body. Georgianna was trapped in her own body, unable to move or speak, and she knew that she would be stuck like this forever.

Her stepmother brushed her soft blonde hair to the side and squeezed her new breasts. With a light moan, she smirked at the mirror. “And there’s no way you’re getting this body back. Pipe down and watch what a real woman can do with these slim curves…”

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