Thursday, February 2, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 4

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“I’m open,” a girl’s voice yelled from somewhere behind Nicola. “Nicola, I’m open!”

Nicola’s eyes quickly opened, and she found herself running through a field while her heart raced. She looked down and saw her tight shirt and gray camo yoga pants. Her cleats felt perfect around her feet, and she found herself wondering if her mind was playing tricks on her. 

“Wait, what?” Confused, she could feel the wind whipping through her dark hair and the sun shining down on her sunglasses while she searched for her teammates. 

To her surprise, she was the only person on the field. She felt alive and free, which was a welcome change compared to a few minutes ago. “Wait … did that really happen, though?” Unfortunately, that feeling quickly turned to terror as she felt her feet slowly sinking into the ground. She kicked and struggled while her cleats forced dirt in all directions, but it was no use. The earth seemed to be sucking her in, and she felt herself sinking deeper and deeper as her sunglasses fell off.

Just as she was about to pull herself out of the ground, she felt two heavy hands land on her shoulders. She looked up and saw a green slime pushing her down into the earth. The world around her began to fade to black, and she screamed for help, but no sound escaped her lips. She could feel the slime wrapping around her arms, pulling her further into the soil.

The world lit up again, and she found herself slipping through the ceiling of a dark room. She fell behind prison bars that looked dark and shadowy. She reached for the bars and shook them repeatedly, but an invisible force pushed her backwards. The entire room was silent and empty, and she felt a growing sense of hopelessness while she tried to push the bars again. A young woman’s laugh made her begin to shiver.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching, and she immediately realized that it was Alexa stepping forward from the darkness. “I’m so fucking confused right now,” Nicola said in a low voice. Alexa reached out for her hands. “Alexa, what’s going on?”

The overweight girl’s voice was monotone, and the look in her blank eyes sent shivers down Nicola’s spine. “Let me take you with me, and I’ll show you.”

Nicola shook her head when her eyes suddenly widened. Alexa’s hands reached forward and stretched outwards, and her grubby fingers ended up wrapping around Nicola’s wrists. That was when she realized that she was trapped, unable to run anywhere else as the wall behind her moved forward. The jail cell became tighter and tighter until Nicola felt her body being pulled through the prison bars. Alexa’s lips opened, and a bright white glow made the Ukrainian girl wince painfully as the world began to spin. The world spun faster and faster, and the prison bars began to fade away. Nicola and Alexa were pulled into a vortex of light and color as both girls moaned painfully.

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