Friday, February 3, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 5


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Nicola slowly rose from the ground and took a deep breath. She turned around and stared at Sharon with wide eyes. She tried to say something, but she realized that she wasn't in control. "Mom?" Her lips mouthed.

Sharon screamed and ran to hug the possessed Nicola. The warmth felt wonderful to Alexa. "Oh, sweetie, you're her now," Sharon replied happily. "I'm sorry - I read your diary and saw how much you wanted to be Nicola. So I helped you possess her body. How does your new body feel, sweetie?"

Nicola's body moved across the room where a mirror stood above a dining room table. The Ukrainian girl’s reflection stared back into her face while she looked at itself from almost every conceivable angle. She couldn't believe it - she had always dreamed of being fit and beautiful, but never thought she would ever see herself like this. 

"It feels... amazing!" She smiled widely, feeling her cheeks turn redder than they already were. "God, I don’t even think I could’ve looked like this even with the right diet and exercise. She really won the genetics lottery.” She gushed with glee. “Oh my god, mom, I can't believe this. This is the best surprise ever."

Sharon smiled at her and stroked her dark hair. “I’m glad you like it, dear. When I stumbled upon your dairy, I knew I just had to do something. So, I asked a witch friend to help us out. You can’t go back to your old body, but this is definitely an upgrade.”

“But is it really my body forever? No strings attached?” Alexa asked nervously. 

When her mother nodded, she couldn’t stop herself from smiling. She looked back into her possessed eyes and ran her fingers against her soft neck. She felt a lot happier in her old body now that she was free from a body she hated. It affected her mood wherever she went, but as she stared into her dazzling eyes, she realized that things were going to be a lot different.

“You probably want to have some time to yourself,” Sharon said with a low voice while she looked around the room. “Don’t worry - we’ll make all the arrangements we need. Nicola has a simple enough identity to steal. Once you’re used to her physically, we’ll figure out how to formally cut ties with her current life. You’ll be able to make all the adjustments you need then, okay?”

“Okay,” the new Nicola whispered.

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