Thursday, January 19, 2023

Becoming her boyfriend - Part 4

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Part 4

“Oh fuck yes,” the old woman moaned with her soft new voice. Her hand was damp and filthy, but the pleasure she got from watching the two lovers turned her on even more. Flickers of Sammy fucking Lisa were flashing before her very eyes while she watched with her observation spell. She was observing them from afar on an almost daily basis to make sure the body thief hadn’t changed her mind. And when she saw the ex-female dominating her best friend, Angela knew that the swap was going to remain. The more one had orgasms in their new body, the more attached a soul became. She could see just how happy Sammy was, and the sight of their engagement rings were lovely bonuses to the old witch. She had sensed that Sammy wanted to take things further with Lisa in her old body, but because of the other girl’s beliefs, they had to take a different approach.

Just seeing them together made Angela smile. Everything had worked out perfectly for her as she played with her new body. The bed was damp with her lust while she circled her clit with a free hand. Her other hand explored her inner lips, and she let out a loud moan when she felt the pressure exploding between her legs. It didn't take long for that tightness in her loins to build up until it became too much. With an explosive cry, Angela came hard against the sheets. A moment later, another orgasm hit her like a freight train; this time so powerful she cried out even louder than before. “This body’s so fucking amazing. I can’t believe she just gave it up like that. I can’t believe she threw it all away for his body.”

She released her observation spell and breathed deeply. She could still hear Andrue's soul banging against her magical red crystal. After Sammy had left to live on as Lisa's boyfriend forever, the witch knew that she had secured a new body for herself. She was 78-years-old with a body well past its expiry date. And with Andrue unable to escape from her apartment, she decided to make a custom ritual to transfer his soul into the crystal.

Angela knew everything about the magical crystal. It was normally a body swapping crystal, but with a few alterations and the right spell, it was also a soul absorption crystal that required another living person’s soul to function. With Sammy's sexy body empty, Angela simply possessed the vessel and made it her own. If Angela had been in her shoes, she would've kept her female body to mess with other women who would be interested in her.

"It's her loss," Angela said playfully while she waved her slender hand. The sparkling pink nails glittered in the candlelight as a vibrating black object emerged from the shadows. She had summoned a dildo, and as she took hold of the shivering toy, she placed it against her damp inner folds. Biting her lower lip, her tummy arched upwards, and she allowed the toy to slide into her easily. Andrue’s screams were but a faint murmur while she moaned. “Oh, shut up. It’ll be over soon for you. Just sit back and watch me play with myself, dear.”

With time, his soul would disperse and become part of the crystal’s next spell, and she wouldn’t have to worry about his complaining. All he’d be able to do was watch Angela play with her new form until that happened. With Sammy deciding to stay in her male body to marry her best friend, it was only fair for Angela to have her fun as compensation. After all, it wasn't like Angela was willing to make Sammy's dreams come true for free. Dark magic always had a price.

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  1. Wow! That was really wicked. I love it. Yet, there is a part of me that hopes Andrue can turn the tables on Angela and swap into Sammy's youthful body while leaving the witch in the crystal.