Monday, January 16, 2023

Becoming her boyfriend - Part 1


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The bubbling sensation in Sammy’s tummy felt so weird, but the rush she got felt incredible. “What is this?” Andrue hissed upon looking down at his slender hands. He looked so vulnerable in his seat as he let out a surprised cry. Angela, the elderly woman who Sammy had paid to help her swap bodies with her best friend’s boyfriend, ran her hand along his bare shoulder. “Get away from me - Sammy, how am I in your body? I … I … ahhh…”

With one final moan, Andrue felt his lips becoming numb while a red glow came from Angela’s hands. The old woman smiled at Sammy. “This will keep him calm enough. He’ll understand everything you say, but we’ll keep him here until you make your decision.”

Sammy couldn’t believe how different the world felt as she smirked. She was taller with wider shoulders, and she felt like power was flowing through her finger tips while she playfully threw the body swap crystal between her two hands. She was normally very shy, but in his body, she felt like she could take anything the world threw at her. Andrue was an extremely fit water polo player who happened to be a bit of a douchebag to Sammy since he knew she was gay. He still invited her since they were still technically “friends,” but Sammy knew where he stood. It hurt even more since Lisa always saw him in the best light because of how much of a kind gentleman he was around everybody else.

Seeing them together always hurt Sammy, especially since she had a massive crush on her. Unfortunately, she knew where she stood with lesbian relationships. Lisa and Andrue came from extremely Christian families with stereotypically conservative beliefs. Sammy had known this for years, but it wasn’t until a family dinner that she realized that Lisa saw the LGBTQ+ community in a very negative light. Sammy knew that Lisa was just mimicking what her parents said, but deep down, she was still afraid of trying anything intimate with her friend. Her family accepted Andrue as the perfect partner for their daughter, so Sammy felt insufficient until her coworker’s grandmother, Angela, suggested switching bodies with Andrue to see if a relationship was what she really wanted.

With the help of a red crystal, Sammy could transfer her soul into a target’s body. The target’s soul would then bounce back into the crystal before being rebounded to her old body. It wasn’t hard, especially when she managed to convince him that Lisa wanted to surprise him at Angela’s place. Now, she had his body, and he remained trapped in hers.

“Listen here, Andrue. You be a good ‘girl’ and stay put. Listen to what Angela tells you to do while I test things out.  There are a few things I want to try. Maybe I’ll keep your body. Maybe I won’t. But guess what?” Sammy leaned down to look into Andrue’s eyes before walking away. “Regardless of what happens … nobody would ever believe you. I know everything about your girlfriend. And I know everything about you. Pretending to be you won’t be hard. And if you do decide to say anything? I’ll hurt Lisa as you and switch back. That’ll play out well for her parents.”


  1. Love this Looking forward to the next parts.

  2. Wow, what an awesome and cruel start. I love this one.

    1. Hello Zapper, im also a big fan of your works too. Have you really stopped writing stories? 🥺