Saturday, January 14, 2023

The once adored princess

The new queen lightly kissed King Adam before sitting upon her throne. Queen Addison’s court gathered around her to hear her decrees, but the only thing on her mind was having her lover’s cock around her stolen lips. She loved the throbbing desire between her legs, and as she felt the eyes of so many thirsty men upon her, her eyes darted around to see if there were any men that she’d like to toy with. The pleasure her new body gave her felt so much better than her old body’s youth.

Men were so much easier to seduce with her granddaughter’s body too. People loved the new her. She was in the body of a young woman, and the court thought she was Princess Amy. But Queen Addison was controlling her, having left her own 90-year-old body and taken over her 21-year-old granddaughter's.

Princess Amy had always been a spoiled brat. She was nicest girl that people adored, but she loved to sleep around. All people were equal to her, and she didn’t know the slightest thing about her royal blood. So, when Queen Addison used the court wizard’s wand to swap their bodies, Princess Amy was livid. She demanded that they switch back, only for the old queen’s heart to give out. Escaping with her young body was the perfect crime, especially since nobody would’ve ever found out. With her newfound youth, Queen Addison was ready to start over and extend her rule. The people had thought that the death of the old queen would bring forth a new era of peaceful rule, but they were wrong. Queen Addison had found a way to cheat death and keep her grip on power.

The court was in awe of her youth and beauty, and they listened attentively as she spoke. Queen Addison had always been a strong leader, but she didn’t have the beauty that Princess Amy had. Her youthful appearance and vitality were a stark contrast to the old, frail woman they had once known. Queen Addison's rule was absolute and borderline tyrannical, and she was determined to keep it that way. It was only a few days into her rule, but the court would inevitably see her true self. Deep down, she had no intention of giving up her power, no matter what the cost - it didn’t matter how many heirs she had. As long as he kept having heirs, she would continue to use the wizard’s wand to permanently move on to the next body.  

But for now, being Princess Amy was going to at least last her fifty years before the next body swap.  And so, the kingdom was plunged into a new age of tyranny, with Queen Amy at its helm. The people lived in fear, knowing that they were at the mercy of another member of House Wolffe. But of course, they would never find out who she truly was beneath her sexy figure.

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