Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Becoming her boyfriend - Part 3

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Sammy couldn't believe how wonderful she felt. She'd been with a lot of women, but having a cock was a different experience. After her first explosive male orgasm that came on too quickly, she had to take a break. But kissing Lisa in the shower and eating her out gave her enough time to recover. Lisa couldn’t believe how good her boyfriend was at exploring her inner folds, especially since they were supposed to both be virgins. But Sammy had plenty of experience with other women, and Lisa had the chance to really have her mind blown. She was actually surprised at how eager her boyfriend was to go against their beliefs, and when Sammy sat on her bed, she was the one who sat on her lap to playfully tease her cock.

"God, I can’t believe how good that felt in there. Are you really serious about all this, though?" Lisa asked while she bit her lower lip. "I'm ... I'm okay with this. I want to go all the way with you, but what's gotten into you?"

"You're the one who came into the bathroom to suck me off," Sammy said while planting kisses against her breasts. "No, I feel like it's time. I feel like I've waited long enough."

"We're not even married," Lisa said while her inner lips soaked her boyfriend's cock.

Sammy kissed her lips. "Do you want to be?" The smile on Lisa's face said it all. "I'll marry you if we take this all the way, but not unless you actually want to." Lisa rested her forehead against Sammy's and let the cock slide into her. Her flesh wrapped around the cock, and she let out a long, loud moan. It was Sammy's first time having vaginal sex as a man, but since she had a little experience now, the performance was coming naturally to her. 

Lisa rode her and pinned her boyfriend's shoulders against the bed. Sammy could have easily pushed her off to take control, but she loved seeing Lisa have the confidence to take initiative. For the first time in Sammy's life, she felt accepted and wanted. The sight of her cock being slathered in her best friend's lust made it all the better as Lisa's body shimmered beautifully in the bedroom lighting.

Lisa moved faster when she heard her grunting. Her hips felt locked in place until Sammy couldn't handle any more. Her balls were full and about to erupt, so she grabbed Lisa by her ass cheeks before letting out a groan. Lisa's smile widened when she felt her boyfriend throbbing. Sammy was about to throw her off when her friend wrapped her arms around her neck. A burst of squeezing pleasure erupted from Sammy's stolen cock, and she felt her body feeling helpless while Lisa drained her of her seed. She finished too quickly again, and she could already feel her cock softening. "Fuck..."

"That felt amazing," she whispered after Sammy fully emptied herself. "Were you serious about getting married?" Sammy was telling the truth when she said that. The two lovers remained connected while Sammy stayed for the rest of the morning. There was no way she was going to go to Andrue's class. The only thing she wanted to do was spend more time with her future wife.

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  1. Very nice continuation. I like how they both agree to throw out their commitment to wait for marriage to have sex, (In Sammy's case she had no such reservation) and then the offer of marriage, perfect. I wonder how Andrue is doing back in Sammy's body?