Sunday, February 19, 2023

My first and last failed mission - Part 4

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“You probably still want to be a girl, don’t you?” A voice laughed. “The scrambler wouldn’t be working if you felt differently.”

“No,” Ron felt his lips whispering as electricity coursed through his body. But he knew that it was a lie. The sex was mind blowing, and he found himself never wanting to leave.

Just before the voice could say more to him, Ron opened his eyes and groaned as he tried to sit up. His head was in a daze, and he immediately forgot what had happened. A sharp pain shot through his head, and he winced, touching his temple gingerly. He looked around and realized he was in a small, dimly-lit cell, and he couldn't remember how he got there. He stood up and walked to the door, peering through the bars. A guard with no face was sitting at the end of the hallway, his body facing Ron. Ron tried to talk to him, but his words were slurred, and the guard just shook his head and walked away.

Ron paced back and forth in the cell, trying to remember anything that could explain his predicament. But his mind was a blank slate. All he could remember was an extremely long night with another man. “Wait … did I actually sleep with him, though?” He whispered. The moment he thought about a dress on his body was the moment he felt himself getting hard. “No, that’s not right. That’s weird. Why … why do I feel this way?” 

The only thing on his mind was the other man. He couldn’t believe how attracted he was. “But who is he?” He sat down on the hard, uncomfortable cot, his head in his hands. He felt unbelievably turned on at the thought of getting boned by another man. “I’ve never thought like this before.” He sighed and stared at the ceiling. “I was on a mission. Yeah, I was … I was getting information.”

That's when he noticed the small hole in the ceiling. He stood up and walked to the bars, stretching his arms up as far as he could. He managed to get a grip on the bars and began to climb, using all his strength to pull himself up. He reached the hole and peered through, but it was too dark to see anything. He hesitated for a moment, then slipped through the hole, somehow managing to fall upwards. He floated in a black abyss, disoriented and scared.

Suddenly, he found himself sitting in a small room of pure white, with a door right across from him. Without thinking, he sprinted towards the door, his heart pounding in his chest. But as he got closer, he felt electric shocks coursing through his body, and he stumbled, falling to the ground. He tried to stand up, but a weight on his shoulders kept him pinned to the ground.

More images of the other man fluttered before his very eyes. He let out a long moan when he remembered the way the criminal’s lips worshiped his flesh. He loved the way his breasts felt when the man viciously squeezed him tightly. The last thing he could remember before he woke up from his dream was the sight of Tim’s face. Ron moaned, his fingers circling his dainty clit while he begged his new master to make love to him.

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  1. The dream sequence here was a nice touch as the mental conditioning is taking effect.