Monday, February 13, 2023

A body possession remote experiment gone wrong

“Are you ready?” Amelia asked her professor.

“Everything’s good to go,” Jackson answered. “My vitals are good. Your vitals are good. We’re ready to try your toy out.”

Amelia stood in front of the body possession remote sitting on her desk, her heart racing with excitement. She had always been fascinated by the idea of letting someone else take control of her body, and she had finally found a way to let someone do it. 

The thought of having another person control her should’ve intimidated her, but the possibilities were endless if she could figure this out. 

Jackson stepped forward and placed his hand on the remote. Amelia felt a tingling sensation as he pressed a button. The world darkened around her, and bright lights began to pop up and fade around them. 

Suddenly, she felt her body stiffen while her eyes widened, and a faint cry came out of her mouth the moment she felt something warm expanding inside of her. Just as she felt her head falling forward, a blinding flash of white light made her close her eyes.

The next time she opened her eyes, she realized that she seemed to be on autopilot. After a few seconds, she realized that he had taken control of her body, and she found herself immediately stumbling around the lab while her lips swore at herself angrily. It took a few seconds at first, but she realized what was going on. Jackson was in complete control of her body, but he was struggling to walk in her high heels. 

“For fuck sakes,” he said with her voice. “Amelia? Amelia? Can you hear me?” She couldn't help but laugh inside her own body as she watched him stumble around. He was desperately trying to get used to her new body. He was embarrassed by how much he was struggling and how silly he looked yelling at himself. “Okay, you can stop laughing at me now.”

The laughter definitely ended when he accidentally broke the body possession remote. Amelia's heart sank as she saw the device shatter into pieces. Now there was no way for Jackson to give her body back. Jackson's embarrassment turned to rage as he realized that he was stuck in Amelia’s body until he could find a way to fix them.

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