Saturday, February 25, 2023

Our spell went horribly wrong - Part 3


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After Korey had possessed his girlfriend’s body, he didn’t realize that he had left her soul vulnerable. Madison didn’t play with her spell book that night, but something else was going on in her body. Without extra fortification magic to heal her altered soul, Madison’s body was prone to magical predators. She had used a higher level spell that required precautions. Since she and her boyfriend didn’t take those precautions, they failed to realize that a faint portal to the land of the dead had opened up where their spell had taken place.

The world naturally removed these invisible portals with time. By the time Madison had come downstairs to where the spell had taken place, the portal had already closed. But that didn’t stop one of the spirits from quickly slipping through her lips and taking control of her. The young woman closed her eyes and shuddered when she realized that something was going horribly wrong. So, she decided to use the one spell she knew that could grant her full control.

She flipped through the spell book and managed to find a soul fortifying spell. She felt her heart racing as she shuddered again. “Silen … potestatem facio,” she managed to murmur. She felt a faint warmth at her fingertips as she caressed the sides of her face. “Postestatem facio!” A burst of energy shot through her, and she immediately stumbled backwards.

But she wasn’t the one in control anymore. She let out a horrifying laugh as she stood up from where she fell. Her face looked down at her legs while her hands playfully clapped against each other. “This is going to be really interesting,” her voice murmured. “I can’t believe my luck. I’m in a witch’s body too. You don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been able to feel anything. Being dead is very unfortunate.”

The body crossed its arms as she walked to the nearby spell book. “Ah, so you’re that type of witch. It’s such a shame. If you had an actual teacher, you’d know the dangers of using this level of magic. Your body couldn’t have a better owner now that I’m in control. I would’ve preferred a male body, but I can get used to being a girl.” Madison focused her energy and did everything she could to push the body thief out of her. All that did was make her stumble. “My … such strength and willpower! You know, I was pretty scared. After your boyfriend left your body, I was forced out of you. It didn’t take long for me to slip back inside of you, though. I guess I’m going to have to do this early to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

“Do what early?” Madison asked as an airy voice in her head. 

The spirit snapped its fingers. “Make the spell permanent.” Madison felt a horribly sensation washing over her, and as the darkness surrounded her, she could hear the spirit laughing maniacally.

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