Thursday, March 2, 2023

Becoming the sexiest girl at college - Part 3


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When Kim drank the serum while Serena disappeared inside her closet, she felt her body shivering. She thought she was having a seizure at first as she gulped the last drop down. Suddenly, Kim was no longer in full control of her body. She felt her body go limp, and she rolled her eyes as she looked up at the ceiling. Her eyelids closed, and she immediately felt her skin crawling with something invisible. Just as she regained control, she heard the closet opening up.

Kim struggled to move in her transformed body. She had become a translucent figure, and as she stopped in front of the closet opening, she could see the shock in Serena’s eyes. The dark-skinned girl was about to step back when Kim abruptly grabbed her.

A stretching sensation pulled at Kim’s fingers while a fizzing sound filled the room. Serena opened her mouth to scream, but Kim managed to slip into her mouth. The fizzing sound was coming from Kim’s body while her body slowly pushed up against Serena’s chest. Before James’ crush could pull away, Kim had fully entered her classmate’s body.

Flickers of memories that Kim didn’t recognize began to surge through her head. It took a few minutes before she could finally move, but when she could, she made her way to the bathroom. To her surprise, she wasn’t exactly a carbon copy of Serena. She was a better version of her in every way. 

She looked at herself from the side and cupped her firm breasts. Her entire body was covered with incredible muscle tone, and it was still slowly changing. Serena still looked very much like Serena, except she was taller with dark brown hair. An evil smirk stretched over the body thief’s lips. “I can’t believe this serum worked,” she said. “And I can’t even hear her. We’re literally the same person now, except I’m the one in control.”

Kim loved how she looked. Her beautiful, smooth skin and pretty face looked perfect with her muscular physique. She lifted her T-shirt and saw the firmness of her abs and knew that James was going to love her new body. She cupped her firm ass and giggled. “God, I’m glad I’m not going to have to start from scratch. You’re such a lucky slut, Serena. You have my hard earned abs, my arms…” She playfully slapped her booty. “You could never get these with your workout schedule.” And the moment she thought about James, she felt a wave of desire coursing through her. She looked into her eyes and smirked when she realized just how horny her new body was.

She couldn’t wait to give it a test run. She walked out of the washroom, stripped down to nothing, and immediately grabbed Serena’s phone. She found James’ number and smiled gleefully as she asked him out while she played with her throbbing clit.

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