Tuesday, February 7, 2023

My girlfriend seems different - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Zena hated how she felt about everything. The argument she had with Mark earlier that day was still bouncing around in her head, and she kept finding herself dwelling on it. “You can’t just stay home all day,” Mark had said. “You know that people make fun of you for that, right?”

She knew that people hated how she hated going out. Now that she was 21, she could actually go out to clubs and hang out with the rest of her classmates. But she hated doing anything social. The worst thing about it all was that Mark knew this. She disclosed how anxious she got, but her boyfriend didn’t seem to care. Sure, his parents had recently died during an accidental house fire, but that didn’t mean he could take his anger out on her.

“Fuck you,” Zena whispered tearfully while she sat in her basement surrounded by candles and the musty scent of old books. She was an amateur witch, always looking to improve her craft, and on this particular day, she was flipping through a spell book in search of something that would fix her personality. She knew that temporary personality blessings were possible, but a lot of them were unfortunately beyond her skill level. Despite her reservations, Zena felt drawn to one particular spell and decided to give it a try.

It was a confidence spell that could open a small portal to the afterlife. The idea was that it could help transfer the positive thoughts and prayers of those beyond the mortal plane into her. The spell was a temporary one, so she was fairly confident about making mistakes. She knew a spell that could permanently sever evil spirits, so getting injected with dark thoughts wasn’t going to be an issue. She gathered the necessary ingredients and began reciting the incantation, her voice echoing in the dimly lit room. 

Suddenly, she was enveloped in bright white light. The light was so intense that it was almost blinding, and Zena felt herself falling into a deep sleep. In her dream, she found herself in a strange and wondrous place. She was surrounded by creatures she had never seen before, and she felt a sense of awe and wonder that she had never experienced before. She could feel a warmth seeping into her and felt her body coming to life.

But when Zena awoke from her dream, she knew that something was wrong, especially when she felt her body moving on its own. She watched helplessly while her body cautiously walked out of the basement and into the nearest bathroom where an evil smile stretched across her young face.

“Well, that’s convenient,” her lips said while her eyes studied her breasts. Her hands ran up her thighs while she let out a laugh. “I wasn’t expecting to take over another person’s body … especially not a girl’s body. But thank god it happened. Being dead was such a pain.”

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