Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Becoming the sexiest girl at college - Part 8


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Janice had always struggled with her appearance. No matter how much she dieted or exercised, she never felt good enough. But that all changed when she discovered her unique serum. After absorbing the life force of her victims, Janice found herself transformed. Her body was now flawless, every curve and contour perfectly sculpted. And she loved it.

As James wrapped his arms around her, Janice loved the feel of his hands against her dark skin. He squeezed her firm breasts and nuzzled his head against her broad, powerful shoulders. Her soft, supple skin was a constant source of joy for her, and she loved how it felt under James's touch. He kissed the side of her neck, sending shivers down her spine, and she tilted her head back to give him better access while the tip of his cock grazed her damp inner folds.

It was almost like Serena and Kim’s sexual libido had combined and added to her own. She didn’t remember feeling this horny when she was younger. With her muscular physique and her perfect health, Janice had a feeling that things were only going to get better. She was constantly leaking, and when James’ cock plunged into her canal, she let out a delightful moan.

She craved human connection, and her old, overweight body made it difficult to make any intimate encounters a reality. She stuck with romance and erotica novels, yet she craved more. She loved the way James looked at her now, the way they lusted after her while he flipped her on to her hands and knees. He thrusted into her from behind, his hot kisses moving along her slender back while he worshiped her and whispered nonsense into her ear. She could feel his cock throbbing and getting close to erupting too. It was intoxicating, and Janice over her shoulder.

“Fill me up,” she moaned. “Fuck, right there … oh shit…”

He roared, and his entire body leaned into hers. Her strong legs could have kept herself from falling over, but she let him pin her to the bed. His grunting and panting made her smile with content as he slowly slid out of her. They spent the night together, their bodies intertwined as Janice lost herself in pure bliss. 

And as they drifted off into a deep sleep, Janice couldn't help but feel ecstatic about how interesting her life was going to be. Sure, the school would have to find a new teacher to replace her, but that wasn’t a problem she was going to have to deal with. She found the perfect way to start over, and it was all thanks to Kim’s obsession over James. She lightly kissed his forehead and finally closed her eyes.

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