Thursday, February 23, 2023

Our spell went horribly wrong - Part 1


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Lord Edmund Ackerg floated through the afterlife, haunted by the memories of his past life as a powerful witch who knew endless magical techniques. 

He was once feared and respected for his mastery of the arcane arts, but his arrogance and abuse of magic had led to his downfall. He had been burned at the stake and was now trapped in the land of the dead, filled with regret for the evils he had committed.

For what felt like an eternity, Edmund was consumed by his guilt and shame. He longed to make up for his past wrongs, to use his magic for good instead of evil. And then, one day, a strange phenomenon occurred. A portal opened up in the distance, offering a glimpse of the world he had once known.

Edmund saw this as an opportunity to return to the land of the living and make amends for his past mistakes. He stepped into the portal, eager to start his new journey. But as he emerged from the other side, he was taken aback by the world he saw and felt. 

He circled a room with a table at its center. Two figures sat across from one another, and at the center of the table was a glowing object that he couldn’t see clearly.

Suddenly, one of the figures slumped back in its chair. Edmund tried to slow himself down, but the longer he moved around the room, the faster he became. Before long, he was bouncing around the room unable to move freely as strange words filled his head with terror and confusion.

“Are you in pain at all?” A demonic and distorted voice asked. “Yeah, I always feel this way. Did you feel that?”

Edmund felt a surge of pain moving through him the moment the world abruptly stopped moving around. He could hear a faint moan as his soul slipped into a beautiful woman standing at the side of the room.

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