Thursday, February 16, 2023

My first and last failed mission - Part 1

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Ron’s black high heels felt tight around his soft feet, and he felt extremely self-conscious with so many eyes upon him. His soft skin and attractive face should’ve made him realize that the attention was going to be hard to avoid, but he wasn’t expecting to feel the way he did. He wasn’t expecting the hormones and emotions that came with his new body.

Ron had been sent on a mission to gather intelligence at a lavish afternoon party hosted by Tim Black, a wealthy stockbroker suspected of being involved in a criminal network. As an undercover operative for the government, Ron's job was to monitor the party guests and gather any incriminating evidence against Tim. But Ron couldn’t just dress up and blend in with a crowd. He was a well known double agent with a very popular face, so the government transferred his brain into a willing participant.

Natalia Smith was an extremely beautiful administrative assistant who was willing to temporarily switch bodies with Ron for both a raise and one hell of a bonus. Government scientists implanted electrode chips inside their brains that allowed a machine to transfer their minds into each other. It required a lot of power and time, but after the transfer was complete, the two had swapped bodies.

Now at the party as Natalia, Ron mingled with the wealthy guests, trying to keep a low profile while eavesdropping on their conversations. He was unbelievably beautiful, and he was catching the attention of so many people that he was worried about carrying out his work. He discreetly observed Tim, but to his surprise, he found nothing suspicious. He actually thought the man looked really cute. 

“Don’t think like that,” Ron hissed angrily when he realized that the stockbroker seemed legitimate, and Ron couldn't find any evidence of money laundering or any criminal activities.

He even went as far as searching the bedroom. He fumbled through his unbelievably tight dress and managed to pull out a scanning tool to look for more clues. Feeling frustrated and unsure of what to do when the scanner didn’t detect anything, Ron was about to leave the party when Tim caught him sneaking around his bedroom. “Well, well, well,” the wealthy man said with a smirk. “What do we have here?”

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