Friday, February 24, 2023

Our spell went horribly wrong - Part 2

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Madison and Korey were both amateurs when it came to practicing magic. They had recently begun to explore the world of witchcraft after going on vacation to Haiti. They were fascinated by the power of the spells and incantations they had learned and were eager to try them out for themselves.

One day, as they were practicing in the basement, they decided to try one of the more advanced spells. They were confident in their abilities and were excited to see what would happen.

However, as soon as they cast the spell, things started to go wrong. Suddenly, Korey found himself inside of Madison. He was no longer in his own body, but instead was a bodiless spirit, floating inside of his girlfriend while he felt everything. He could feel the heat between his legs and the way her horniness spread across her body at the sheer sight of his own body remaining slumped in his chair. Madison could hear him but couldn't see him, and she was terrified yet curious.

“Are you in pain at all?”

“No,” he admitted. “I feel kind of … funny. Do you normally feel like this when you look at me?”

He could feel her cheeks blushing. The heat was a dead giveaway. “Yeah, I always feel this way,” she answered while she brushed the front of her crotch. A faint burst of pleasure fluttered through her body. “Did you feel that?”

Just before he could give her an answer, he felt her body begin to stumble. She was getting dizzy the more he talked. The couple quickly realized that they had made a mistake, and they desperately tried to reverse the spell. They grabbed the spell book and frantically searched for a way to undo what they had done. They tried incantation after incantation, but nothing seemed to work.

Just when they were about to give up, they stumbled upon a spell that promised to reverse the spell. They cast the incantation together and, to their relief, Korey was suddenly back in his own body.

However, the experience had left them shaken. They realized that the power of magic was not to be taken lightly, and that they needed to be more careful in the future. From that day on, Korey became more cautious in their magic practices and was grateful for the experience that had taught them a valuable lesson. But as Korey left his girlfriend’s apartment for the night, he couldn’t help but notice a naughty sparkle in her eye. He couldn’t help but notice that something seemed a little off. “You’re not going to play around with the spell book again, right? You’re by yourself.”

Madison smiled at him. “No, I won’t play with it,” she promised him.

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