Monday, February 27, 2023

Our spell went horribly wrong - Part 5

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Part 5

The smell of lavender and sage filled the air while the morning sun slowly rose. It still felt cold, but neither of them cared. Korey and Madison sat on their patio, taking in the beauty of their new backyard while the world lit up around them. They had worked tirelessly for a year, saving every penny they could, and now they finally had a place they could call their own. They sipped on ice-cold lemonade and basked in the warm sun once it hit them at the right angle.

As they looked around their yard on that Saturday morning, Korey couldn't help but reflect on the past. He and Madison had been drawn to magic for a time, and they had spent hours pouring over spell books and incantations. But the more they delved into the world of magic, the more scared they became of the power that spells could wield.

One day, they made the difficult decision to get rid of their spell book and turn their backs on magic for good. At first, it was a difficult transition, but as time went on, Korey couldn't help but notice that things had only become better. Korey got a better software engineering job to help fund their new home, and Madison ended up finishing her English degree with flying colors.

She was never good at school. She was always the one who asked Korey to help read through her papers. She never took initiative when it came to assignments, but now it was like she’d gained a thirst for knowledge. She was fascinated by literally everything in the academic world. Korey wasn’t sure what she was going to do with her degree, but she mentioned wanting to become a teacher.

It was the strangest thing to him, especially since Madison hated children. But when she explained that she wanted to teach them, he realized that she wasn’t playing around. Something had changed about his girlfriend, and he was loving every bit of it. The good luck seemed to follow them wherever they went too, and their relationship with each other only grew stronger while Madison became a social butterfly.

Madison apparently felt the same way. As they sat on the patio, she reached over and took Korey's hand. "I'm so glad we gave up magic," she said while adjusting her sexy white skirt. "I never realized just how much it was holding us back. Now, everything seems to be falling into place."

Korey nodded in agreement while he watched how his girlfriend ran a hand along her bare leg. "I couldn't have said it better myself. It's like the spell book was a curse, and getting rid of it was like breaking free from its hold."

They continued to sit in silence, taking in the beauty of their yard and each other's company. He loved how fashionable she was now, and how eager she was to suck him off. As their relationship blossomed, so too did her desire to keep him happy. Korey couldn't imagine his life without Madison, and he was grateful for the decision they made to give up magic. He had suspicions that she was secretly practicing it to bless them with good luck, but her denials were enough to make him believe her.

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