Sunday, February 26, 2023

Our spell went horribly wrong - Part 4


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Edmund had never felt so alive when the girl’s soul became one with this. As he ran his fingers along the smooth, soft skin of his arms, he marveled at how different it felt from his old, rough skin before his death. The warmth and suppleness felt wonderful, especially compared to his ghostly form.

After getting used to his surroundings, he was lying on a bed in the girl’s dimly lit room, wearing nothing but a silk robe and a pair of lacy panties. He’d been exploring her wardrobe for hours to see what types of clothing the modern woman wore, and he was excited when he realized just how scandalous he looked. His hips were wider, his waist was smaller, and his chest was now a perky set of breasts that perfectly poked through the opening of his robe.

Edmund got up from the bed and walked over to a full-length mirror. He took in his reflection, admiring the curves through the robe, before running a finger along his new nipple. It hardened almost immediately. He ran his hands over his breasts, feeling the weight and the softness of them while he gave himself a sultry look. He turned around, looking at his backside, and marveled at the fullness of his buttocks while he playfully swayed his hips.

“Women didn’t look this good,” he said. “It must be something in their food. I wonder what else is different?”

But before he could step out into the world, he felt a strange sensation in his body. It was something horribly naughty that he had never experienced before. It was as if his brain was rewiring itself, adapting to the new body it was inhabiting while he moved through the girl’s bedroom. As he continued to explore his body, he noticed that his thoughts were becoming more feminine as well, and the desire to pleasure himself began to overwhelm him. He was thinking about things he had never thought about before, like makeup and fashion.

“The girl’s memories are strange,” he murmured. “That man of hers does such naughty things to her. And neither of them are married.” Edmund went over to a wardrobe and opened it up, revealing rows of new outfits and smirked. “No … WE’RE not even married yet. I can’t believe this girl’s bedded him this many times.” He pulled out a skimpy green lingerie set, feeling the silky fabric between his fingers before he slipped it on, admiring the way it hugged his curves. “I don’t blame him. This girl would’ve seduced armies back in the day.”

As the ex-lord looked at himself in the mirror, he felt a sense of power. He was in control of his body, and he could do whatever he wanted with it. He posed in front of the mirror, feeling sexy and powerful while the throbbing desire grew stronger between his legs. He thought having no cock was going to be bad, but what he had instead seemed much better. He moved back onto the bed, slipped his hand between his legs, and moaned as he explored himself for the rest of the night. Edmund was going to love being a modern woman.

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